Success in the German Market

Our marketing services for companies planning to enter the German market

With its 82 million inhabitants, Germany is a complex market with strong purchasing power in the heart of Europe. As in every country, business success in Germany requires accounting for the unique characteristics of its language, culture, and regulatory environment.

My team and I will support you in entering the German market! We are of German origin, speak English, and have many years of experience providing companies of various sizes with the marketing services they need.

Your marketing strategy and materials – from Google Ads texts to entire websites – don’t just have to be translated, but adapted to the German market in terms of colors, symbols, photos, and product names. If you want to have the success your products and services deserve, you’ll have to present your brand in the right way.

We are happy to support you with a wide range of marketing services:
● Planning of campaigns for the market launch of products and services
● Localization of advertising material such as flyers, information materials, etc.
● SEO research of keywords and topics
● Test campaigns with Google Ads (keywords, ad texts, target group selection)
● Development of websites and conception of landing pages
● Formulation of job offers and posting them on German portals
● Analysis of German competitors to your brand
● Selection of trustworthy service providers in Germany

Do you require something else? Do not hesitate to ask us!
The marketing consultant Enno E. Peter has been advising medium-sized companies since he studied computer science at university, recognizing the potential of online marketing early on. His focus is the marketing of complex products and services. He supports renowned companies from the B2B sector such as software developers, wholesalers, mechanical engineers, management consultancies, and others.

With his team of freelance experts, he covers a broad spectrum from design and editing to programming, as well as public relations.
Isn’t it time you entered the German market?
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Photo by AC Almelor on Unsplash